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Since 1971 Temspec has been a leading designer and manufacturer of room zone control HVAC solutions. Specializing in classroom unit ventilators and vertical high-rise fan coil units >> more

Better Learning Environment


VUD Ducted
Standard Unit Ventilators

VHW Geothermal
Heat Pumps

VHPE High Efficiency
Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

VHP High Efficiency
Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

VGB Custom Dual Path
Dehumidifying Air Handlers

VER Energy Recovery
ERV Unit Ventilators

To ensure the very best learning environment in our classrooms, Temspec designs and builds the most innovative and dependable equipments in today's
market >> more

Lodging Comfort Control


Model TV
Concealed Fan Coil Units

Model TC
Hideaway Fan Coil Units

Model TF
Exposed Fan Coil Units

Temspec provides the highest quality, highest efficiency, and easiest to maintain vertical stack fan coil units for hotels, condominiums, apartments, barracks and dormitories     >> more