"We believe in making Living and Learning Better by providing Quiet, Efficient HVAC products that work Perfectly in the spaces our Customers Create – Quickly and Without Surprises"

About Us

Temspec Inc. began operations in 1971. At that time the company manufactured concealed vertical stack fan coil units for installation in high-rise condominiums, apartments, student dormitories, retirement residences and hotels.

In 1983 Temspec underwent a major change. The company introduced a unit ventilator with electric heat used primarily in school portables. That success led to the development of hot & chilled water vertical unit ventilators for standard classroom applications. The Temspec design provided a small footprint, easy maintenance and a quiet operation which was revolutionary for its time.

By the late 1980’s, Temspec’s unit design advanced to include direct expansion air conditioning, initially by means of a split DX coil using a separate condensing unit evolving to units with self-contained cooling. 2000 saw the introduction of a high-rise vertical stack fan coil unit with a finished cabinet for exposed applications. This unit was primarily targeted at high-rise residential building renovation projects. In 2003, the company introduced its first air-to-air heat pump for classroom applications. Since then, the company has progressively developed a complete line of energy efficient “green” alternatives including geothermal heat pumps, and energy recovery options.  In 2018, Temspec launched the “LEAF” vertical fan coil product which offers the worlds highest efficiency fan technology utilizing an integrated backward inclined impeller fan and EC motor.

Today, Temspec is a leading designer and manufacturer of single zone HVAC equipment. The company holds a significant and growing share of the North American HVAC market for high-rise and classroom applications.

Our Commitment to Better Living

The HVAC industry is in a constant state of change. Addressing ideal indoor air quality through proper air circulation, zone temperature optimization, humidity control, mold growth suppression, quiet operation and energy efficiency are challenging issues. Temspec addresses these needs for better living by providing state of the art designs which are constantly challenged by Temspec’s engineers through innovation while providing superior value. These successes are the result of our commitment to listen to and deliver on the needs of our customers.

Why Choose the Temspec Solution

Temspec is one of the most experienced and dedicated companies in the field of single zone HVAC equipment for high-rise and classroom applications. Energy consumption and noise are two important factors that Temspec has focus on to ensure quiet efficient comfort. Our knowledgeable technical sales representatives are seasoned HVAC professionals who are available to ensure that the best solutions are applied to each application. Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, School District Construction Manager, Hotel Developer, Condominium Developer or Mechanical Contractor, we and our network of manufacturers' representatives will work with you to ensure that each component and accessory we supply is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the application.