Electrical Designer

My name is Hana Abusinana. I greatly enjoy my role at Temspec as an Electrical Designer. People at Temspec are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. I have been asked for an opinion on a regular basis, and we are allowed to speak our mind without fear.

I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed. Also, I love the variety. Every day is different and I get to interact with such a varied groups/people. It means I am always learning. My job challenges me every day in different ways. We all work hard and are recognized for doing so. I am learning all the time, from the best people.

Temspec gives me the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. This means that I am allowed to grow and show my potential. I am able to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that challenge me.