My name is Purshotan Persaud aka Mickey and I joined the Temspec  team in June 2008. Since joining Temspec, I was given the opportunity to work in fancoil, final assembly, administration and supervision. I am presently the supervisor of the coil/riser department and enjoy working at Temspec  because of the support given by senior management and the friendly work environment that exists within the company. Also, there are outlined schedules for production and all the work stations are defined with the appropriate operating procedure. We produce customized quality products in a safe, clean and lean organized plant and Temspec is constantly expanding its operations, leading to steady work available for the workforce.

Workers wishing to join Temspec will be exposed to friendly staff and a newly redesigned facility at a great location in Mississauga. Adequate training is provided to ensure the employee is capable of carrying out the tasks and there is opportunity for further development within the company. Also, employees are adequately compensated and  permanent employees enjoy a profit sharing/RRSP twice per year.