Jr. Procurement Specialist

I joined Temspec Inc. May 31st 2016 as the Jr. Procurement Specialist. I graduated from the Business Administration program with a specialization in Supply Chain Management at Wilfred Laurier University in May of 2016. From there I was on a search to find a role that would allow me to further my knowledge and understanding of one of the most complex functional areas of any business – the supply chain. 

Temspec has offered me many great opportunities. I have, and still continue to learn from knowledgeable, hardworking and friendly co-workers, all while exercising autonomy in my own processes. I have been given the opportunity be involved in process improvements, as well as the initiation, and implementation of various projects.

Here at Temspec we strive for excellence, and excellence comes from knowledgeable workers. I have been involved in training sessions which have helped to further my knowledge of the workplace. I received Lean Training, covering lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. I have also received training from the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services on behalf of Temspec. This has given me the opportunity to become one of the Worker Members for the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) to ensure proper and safe working conditions and procedures for all of our employees. 

Temspec is built on the foundation of involvement and team work. From top to bottom we are comprised of employees from many different cultures and backgrounds. As a member of the Social Committee, we are sure to include many opportunities to display our diversity with events such as our International Potluck. Together, we make Temspec a resilient and diverse place to work.