An inside look at Temspec.

We believe in making Living and Learning Better by providing Quiet, Efficient HVAC products that work Perfectly in the spaces our Customers Create – Quickly and Without Surprises.

Temspec Inc. began operations in 1971. At that time the company manufactured concealed vertical stack fan coil units for installation in high-rise condominiums, apartments, student dormitories, retirement residences and hotels.

In 1983 Temspec underwent a major change. The company introduced a unit ventilator with electric heat used primarily in school portables. That success led to the development of hot & chilled water vertical unit ventilators for standard classroom applications. The Temspec design provided a small footprint, easy maintenance and a quiet operation which was revolutionary for its time.

By the late 1980’s, Temspec’s unit design advanced to include direct expansion air conditioning, initially by means of a split DX coil using a separate condensing unit evolving to units with self-contained cooling. 2000 saw the introduction of a high-rise vertical stack fan coil unit with a finished cabinet for exposed applications. This unit was primarily targeted at high-rise residential building renovation projects. In 2003, the company introduced its first air-to-air heat pump for classroom applications. Since then, the company has progressively developed a complete line of energy efficient “green” alternatives including geothermal heat pumps, and energy recovery options.  In 2018, Temspec launched the “LEAF” vertical fan coil product which offers the worlds highest efficiency fan technology utilizing an integrated backward inclined impeller fan and EC motor.

Today, Temspec is a leading designer and manufacturer of single zone HVAC equipment. The company holds a significant and growing share of the North American HVAC market for high-rise and classroom applications.

Our Commitment to Better Living

The HVAC industry is in a constant state of change. Addressing ideal indoor air quality through proper air circulation, zone temperature optimization, humidity control, mold growth suppression, quiet operation and energy efficiency are challenging issues. Temspec addresses these needs for better living by providing state of the art designs which are constantly challenged by Temspec’s engineers through innovation while providing superior value. These successes are the result of our commitment to listen to and deliver on the needs of our customers.

Why Choose the Temspec Solution

Temspec is one of the most experienced and dedicated companies in the field of single zone HVAC equipment for high-rise and classroom applications. Energy consumption and noise are two important factors that Temspec has focus on to ensure quiet efficient comfort. Our knowledgeable technical sales representatives are seasoned HVAC professionals who are available to ensure that the best solutions are applied to each application. Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, School District Construction Manager, Hotel Developer, Condominium Developer or Mechanical Contractor, we and our network of manufacturers’ representatives will work with you to ensure that each component and accessory we supply is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the application.

A few of our team members here at Temspec.

Mark Ellison P.Eng.


As a second generation owner, Temspec has been a large part of my life since my junior year of high school.  I “grew up” through the Field Service and Research and Development sides of our business.  My formal education involved an Industrial Engineering degree from Ryerson and I am a graduate of Harvard’s OPM program.


I love working with a community of folks who are concerned about the full life cycle cost of conditioning the air we live, study and work in – and continuously learning to do this better and more efficiently.

Rob Clements B.Sc.Eng.

Director of Sales & Marketing

As a mechanical engineer specializing is alternative energy, my passion is in helping our customers with the design and application of sustainable energy efficient HVAC systems. Our aim is to  keep people healthy, protect our environment, and keep our industry on the path to achieving zero net energy in every building.

Septi German P.Eng.

Director of Operations

My name is Septi German and I’m the Director of Operations. I am a professional engineer and I also have an MBA degree. My passion is mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.   

Travis Elliott B.Sc.Eng.

Technical Sales Supervisor, Fan Coils

Now in 15th year with Temspec, and 13 of those years heading up the vertical stack fan coil products; I’ve worked on thousands of projects across North America, and the world. My background is in mechanical engineering but what I enjoy about the sales side is working with all the different people along the project chain. From engineers, to contractors, to owners and end users. I can help get the right product, with the right options installed. 

Jeff McDonald B.Sc.Eng.

Technical Sales Supervisor, Unit Ventilators

My name is Jeff McDonald and I’m the Technical Sales Supervisor for Unit Ventilators and Air Medic Units. I’ve been on the Temspec team since 2009. When I’m not supporting you, our reps, my time is spent with my wife, 2 young daughters, and our Emmett, our family dog. 

Alex Dubovitsky P.Eng.

Business Process Improvement Specialist

My name is Alex Dubovitsky and I am Business Process Improvement Specialist. I joined Temspec in 1997 and spent most of the time as a head of Mechanical Engineering Team. I enjoy finding efficient custom design solutions for our clients. Currently I focus on improvement of Company business processes with a goal to provide more customer satisfaction with Temspec products

Hana Abusinana P.Eng.

Engineering Manager

My name is Hana Abusinana. I greatly enjoy my role at Temspec as Engineering Manager. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. 

Samir Shah

Procurement Supervisor

My name is Samir Shaw, Procurement Supervisor. I’ve been part of the Temspec teams since 2001 and responsible for Continuous improvement in Procurement processes through Establishing KPIs. Evaluating suppliers, products, and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved purchases are cost-efficient and of high quality. 

Shawn Neely P.Eng.

Service and R & D Supervisor

My name is Shawn Neely, and I am the Engineer Supervisor for R&D and Service. As a Mechanical Engineering graduate from McMaster University, I strive to develop better technologies for our customers. With hands on experience, I want to help create the best experience for the customer from install to final use.