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Achieving Acoustic Comfort With Hi-Rise Fan Coils Volume 1 Issue 2

Achieving sound and thermal comfort in today’s hirise condominiums can be challenging where there’s a significant amount of glazing. There are interesting…

Centralized Vs Decentralized School HVAC Systems Volume 1 Issue 1

For this discussion, we’re going to compare a centralized VAV system to a unit ventilator for our decentralized system. Both systems will use chilled water…

EC Vs AC Motors Volume 1 Issue 3

The trend to EC motors has been steady since their introduction in 2003. Size, weight, longevity and efficiency have all contributed to their success…

Pit Falls of Over-Sizing Fan Coils Volume 1 Issue 4

Stacked fan coils have been widely applied to hotels and condominiums since the 1970’s. Decentralized HVAC systems have always been the preferred…

Stainless Steel vs Polymer Drain Pans Volume 1 Issue 5

Acrylic Coated Galvanized Steel is the most common drain pan material used in the HVAC industry and is the least durable with a typical lifespan of 20 years…

Why Choose the Temspec Solution

Temspec is one of the most experienced and dedicated companies in the field of single zone HVAC equipment for high-rise and classroom applications. Energy consumption and noise are two important factors that Temspec has focus on to ensure quiet efficient comfort. Our knowledgeable technical sales representatives are seasoned HVAC professionals who are available to ensure that the best solutions are applied to each application. Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, School District Construction Manager, Hotel Developer, Condominium Developer or Mechanical Contractor, we and our network of manufacturers’ representatives will work with you to ensure that each component and accessory we supply is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the application.