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It has been more than a year that the Corona Virus, Covid 19 was identified and now we’re facing new strains that are far more contagious. Studies through contact tracing have the virus spreads via aerosols to distances up to 4.5m so spread prevention has never been more important. PPE, physical distancing, increased ventilation, 40-60% relative humidity levels, and H.E.P.A. air filtration are all effective spread prevention measures.

Temspec is please to present the “Air Medic”, designed for classrooms, boardrooms, assisted living residences, lunch rooms, and change rooms. It offer a MERV 10 prefilter and H.E.P.A. filter, ultra efficient ECM fan technology, and optional activated carbon filter, bi-polar ionization and UV-C light.

The Air Medic Model TIF-06 is a rugged unit with metal powder coated enclosure and delivers up 600CFM.  It’s bee to design to provide additional air filtration where ventilation rates cannot meet the recommended levels.  For example, if your classroom’s maximum ventilation rate is 3 air changes per hour, the air medic can increase it to 7 or 8 depending on the room size.

Electrical efficiency, noise, and filtration effectiveness were all prime considerations in the design to ensure customer satisfaction in all applications.

Air Filtration/Sterilization


Portable Air Filtration/sterilization Unit

  • Rugged unit with metal powder coated enclosure
  • Delivers up 600CFM
  • MERV 10 prefilter and H.E.P.A. filter
  • Ultra efficient ECM fan technology
  • Optional activated carbon filter
  • Bi-polar ionization and UV-C light

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